Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t done online lessons before, can I really learn this way?
Of course! Online lessons are an incredibly effective, efficient, and easier way to learn. Our students have gone on to both excel academically and in the arts all through learning from the comfort of their own homes.
What will I be learning in the taster lesson?

A typical taster lesson includes the following:  

  1. Warm-up exercises (to physically prepare you for the next exercises within the lesson) 
  2. We work on a song that you either want to learn or one that we decide in the lesson itself (this applies to all tasters irrespective of the instrument you seek to master) 
  3. We will discuss technical tasks that we will accomplish/explore and exercises to help assist you 
  4. We conclude with the next steps and what we identify as areas of opportunity to perfect and areas of strength.
Is there a specific age to begin learning?

There is no limit on how old you should be to learn, however, we typically teach students from the age of 5.  

How does payment work?

All of our payments are taken online via our website/stripe when you are finalising a booking.  

Can I pay in cash?

No, we accept online payments only. 

Where is the Academy based?

We provide lessons across the UK, Europe, and America. All of our teachers are qualified to conduct lessons either for academic purposes, leisure, or artistic development. 

Can I have the same teacher every time?

Yes, if you prefer a particular teacher, you can either let that teacher know or send us an email at and we will ensure that you will be accommodated a particular teacher for your lessons as much as practicably possible. Although, all of our teachers at Bliss deliver the same teaching quality, and unless there is a specific complaint, we would be more than sure that you will have a positive experience with any one of our teachers. 

Can I use a subscription to learn more than one skill? For example, can I learn singing one week and piano the other?

Our subscription plans have been catered towards learning a particular skill at a time. If you would like to learn piano and singing, we would recommend that you opt for two subscriptions to get the most out of learning each skill. 

If I can’t attend a lesson, can I rearrange it?
We ask for at least 48 hours’ notice in order to re-arrange your lesson free of charge. A fee may incur on your account if you seek to rearrange without giving such notice or you may lose the ability to credit that lesson within that period (all credited lessons must be used within a one-month period from the initial date that it was scheduled for). For further information, please see our terms and conditions here
What if I want to stop learning, can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by sending an email to with the subject title ‘cancel subscription’ informing us that you wish to cancel your subscription. We can also freeze your account, which will put your subscription on pause. 

Are there any classroom/group lessons?

From time to time we schedule workshops that we invite students to attend. When these are available from time to time, you will be notified.  

I am quite nervous, will the teachers be okay with that?

Our teachers are specifically trained to teach students from all backgrounds, moods, and learning abilities. This is perfectly normal and you will be made to feel completely at ease. 

If I wanted more lessons per week/month, how could I add these lessons to my subscription?

If you do want more lessons we would recommend you add the preferred additional subscription to your account. If there is a particular number of lessons you would like that the subscription may not accommodate, we would ask you to email us at and let us know what you require.  

How is each lesson different from the previous one?

We have a syllabus per grade that includes clear guides on the lesson plans we teach. We typically provide our syllabus to all students who attend our free taster lessons and thereafter subscribe, which you can book here

I am not sure what time frame per lesson would be ideal for me, how would I know if 30-minute, 45 minutes or 60 minutes weekly lessons would be ideal for me?

This is what our trial lessons are made for. We take care to have taken every step to ensure that we have free taster lessons in order to assess your ability and give you recommendations on what subscription our teachers suggest that you begin with. This may vary from student to student.  

How can I apply for opportunities at Bliss?

We post opportunities from time to time on our blog, however, you can also send us your CVs to 

My child has learning difficulties, are you able to accommodate students with learning difficulties?
Yes, we have students that may suffer from various learning difficulties. In order to assess this, we would ask that you provide further information to us regarding your child’s learning difficulties and send this in confidence to with the subject title ‘FAO Head of Teaching’ (all emails are treated in the strictest confidence).
I don’t want to learn how to play the piano/sing for academic reasons, will these lessons still work for me?

Of course, whether you are learning for academic reasons or otherwise, we have structured our lesson plans to accommodate students that learn for any motive. 

If more than one person has subscribed in a household, can more than one person join a lesson at the same time (for example, siblings)?

Typically, we would not recommend more than one student learning per session, however, please speak with your teacher to confirm if (based on the particular circumstances) this would be at all possible. If not, we would generally take lessons one after the other (the first lesson followed by the last) with the same teacher. 

How can I access the online lessons?

All of our online lessons are accessible via zoom. When you book a lesson you should receive a confirmation email with your zoom access details. This may also be sent to your junk mail so please have a look in your junk too. If you still cannot find an email please send us an email at  

How can I book my fixed times with subscriptions?

As a general rule, we ensure that all of our students who opt in for the subscription have had a free taster lesson beforehand. This is so that we can make a fair assessment before deciding whether a subscription plan would be best for you. Once we have determined that it is, we would typically discuss the timings with you beforehand. Once you are satisfied with the timings, and these are timings we have confirmed we can commit to, when you purchase a subscription plan, we will ensure that those times/dates are fixed for you on a weekly basis and will send across your access links on a monthly basis as soon as you make a subscription purchase. 

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