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Unlock Your Musical Potential: Dive into the world of piano with our exclusive one-on-one online lessons and be prepared to master this craft! Ignite your passion for music with skilled instructors offering weekly online sessions.

Success Rate

100% pass rate for ABRSM and RSL grades in piano, singing, musical theatre and guitar.

& Flexibility Online

Online lessons offer students the flexibility to schedule their music lessons at a time that suits them

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Qualified Instructors

Benefit from expert guidance and tailored instruction, increasing your chances of success and confidence

Comprehensive Curriculum

Providing a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of ABRSM exam preparation

About Our Lessons

Unlock the potential of your piano playing with our online lessons, known for their flexibility and student-centric approach. Sessions of 30, 45, or 60 minutes can be tailored to your schedule, allowing you to pause and resume as needed. Our expert instructors ensure a seamless learning experience that accommodates every student’s unique journey. Boasting a stellar reputation and a 100% pass rate in ABRSM graded exams, our piano lessons are your gateway to musical excellence. Click the free taster button below to experience the harmonious blend of effective teaching and flexibility firsthand.

Why Choose Bliss?

Bliss Music Academy came into fruition with the sole purpose of building the student’s understanding and execution of music artistry.

Tailored Lessons

Online lessons allow for one-on-one instruction, enabling instructors to tailor their teaching to each student’s specific needs and abilities. This personalised approach can lead to faster progress and a more fulfilling learning experience.

Learning with Certainty

The 100% pass rate for ABRSM and RSL grades in piano demonstrates the academy’s commitment to high-quality education. This outstanding track record ensures that students are well-prepared and have an excellent chance of excelling in their exams and developing their skills to master their craft.

Backed by pros

Our reputation stems from our talented team that employs experienced and highly qualitative lessons revolving around the ABRSM syllabus fused with the Mozart effect and much more. Students benefit from expert guidance and tailored instruction, increasing their chances of success, building upon their self-confidence, discipline, cognitive and creative abilities.

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